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Client Testimonials

"I first met Paul when he was brought in to take some of us for a fitness session in an episode of Made in Chelsea and have been training with him since. He's a really motivational guy to be around and makes training fun and informative. No-one had explained to me that you need to really think about how you hold your body when you're exercising, otherwise you won't see any real change! I've found training with Paul is the quickest way to achieve the results I want, and I'm really excited about trying out some of his new products too!"

Binky Felstead, Made in Chelsea

Neckline Testimonials

"The Neckline Trainer is phenomenal, it really is. I had a lot of loose skin around my neck area that needed tightening up, but I didn't know how well it was going to work. I'm over the moon with the results!"

Charlotte, 38
"You have to give the Neckline Trainer a go, it's a real matter of seeing is believing! But when you see the photographic evidence it's difficult to ignore that I look like a different person, it's great!"

Amber, 36
"Before I used the Neckline Trainer, I would say that my confidence was very low, I felt I had no definition around my jaw line and I really wasn't happy. When I took photographs I would never take a photo from the side angle I would always take a photograph front on. I felt gravity had taken a hold – I had jowls, a slight double chin and I was really low. Since using the Neckline Trainer every day for six weeks I'm more toned, I've got more definition and I'm just over the moon. I'm ecstatic! Girls you have to go for it, it's just two minutes a day, there's no risk, no pain and the results are unbelievable. You've got to go for it, it's just the way forward."

Helena, 42
"It is absolutely amazing what this little machine can actually do. You can carry it anywhere you want, and do it anywhere, anytime. My chin is so firm and tight, it's amazing! I absolutely recommend it to everyone."

Ivana, 29