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Advanced Body Programme:

"Transforming your body shape requires targeted resistance and high intensity training as part of an overall body control and weight management programme"

Paul's Advanced Body Programme (ABP) may push you harder than the way you're training now, but it's a lot smarter – and he gets results that last. The programme is based on the best available research and is designed for those who want to totally transform their body shape or simply target those hard-to-shift problem areas.

The ABP requires your total commitment to a new way of thinking about the way you train and lifestyle choices you make.

The ABP is made up of three components:

  1. Initial Assessment

    The Initial Body Assessment involves an injury screen, baseline fitness test and bio-mechanical assessment. Here Paul assesses your alignment and movement patterns in the studio often with the use of video analysis, in order to identify any abnormalities or weaknesses that might restrict your training or cause potential injuries. During the Initial Assessment, Paul will take 'before' shots of you before you start the programme, which can be compared to 'after' shots that he will take once you have finished your programme. "It's the best way to prove there's been a physical, and often mental transformation. Seeing is believing!" (Paul Younane)

  2. Weight Control Management

    The success of the ABP requires a commitment to a nutritious eating plan that aims to lose body fat while preserving energy and toning and sculpting the muscles underlying body fat.

    • Food Diary: Paul asks clients to keep a food diary for a week prior to assessment, to allow Paul to set realistic and achievable goals. This will be maintained throughout training in order to encourage accountability and personal discipline.

    • Eating Plan: Paul will design a Daily Eating Plan for you that is realistic, measurable and flexible. Setting unachievable goals leads to frustration, disappointment and loss of motivation. Therefore, the Eating Plan may be adjusted at any time during the ABP

    • Supplement Prescription: Paul believes that a balanced eating plan should supply all the nutritional requirements you need to support and fuel the ABP. However, Paul may well prescribe nutritional supplements that will make up for a deficit he spots in the client's diet or aid specific body shaping results, whether this be weight loss or muscle building.

  3. Motion Control Training (45 minute sessions 3 -4 per week)

    This part of the ABP is made up of private, weekly 45-minute sessions with Paul himself. It involves short bouts of high-Intensity resistance exercise whilst maintaining correct body alignment (bio-mechanics) This form of training burns more calories per minute by engaging more muscles thereby increasing metabolic rate. Moreover, Motion Control Training (MCT) sessions sculpt those problem areas like the abs, glutes and thighs by eliminating unwanted movements and focusing the resistance on those areas.