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Paul Younane:
The Body Conditioning Guru

Paul is a former professional rugby player from Australia, with a specialist interest in biomechanics (the study of human movement).

Born in Sydney, Australia, Paul was always passionate about sport and the human body. He went on to pursue this with a teacher's diploma in Physical Education, a degree (B.App.Sci.Physio) at Sydney University, and as professional rugby player in both Australia and the UK.

Since his retirement from rugby, Paul has spent time between Sydney, London and the US developing injury rehabilitation and fitness programmes for elite performers in business, sports and the performing arts. He went on to open a network of 14 physio-fitness clinics in London and the South East with his flagship clinic at Number One Harley Street in Central London. Paul has always been an innovator, developing physical treatments and body conditioning programmes that meet the personal and professional needs of his clients.

Since 2001, Paul has gone on to apply his clinical and athletic experience as an inventor; developing a range of targeted fitness products for world-wide distribution. His first, a Neck-line Trainer for women, has sold 1.6 Million units in the US alone, grossing over $30m and is set to launch in the UK in 2011.

Ultimately, Paul's goal is to combine his exercise products with targeted body conditioning programmes to transform the way we look, feel and move. His professional qualifications make Paul's approach much more technical than your typical 'personal trainer'. His focus is on the actual science behind feeling and looking good; he describes his approach as 'Motion Control Training', whereby core muscles are consciously pre-set to hold the body in its correct alignment during exercise. When 'Motion Control' is achieved he increases the training intensity so as to constantly challenge you and your key muscles. This postural approach to training is not only safer; it burns more calories and delivers the best body shaping and conditioning results...in less time.

"Transforming your body shape requires targeted resistance and high intensity training as part of an overall body conditioning and weight management programme. The key to tackling those 'problem' areas is to isolate the muscles you're trying to target and to eliminate unwanted movement... I like to call this 'Motion Control Training' (MCT)"

Paul has an exclusive studio in Central London and is currently providing personal 'body conditioning' sessions for private clients – many of whom are in the public eye who not only want to shape up, but also want to improve their overall body confidence when they're in the spotlight. Paul is also developing his range of 'PY' branded body sculpting products, including the Neckline Trainer and the Bust Buddy.

To book an exclusive body conditioning assessment with Paul, please visit the CONTACT PY page for details