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The Neckline Trainer

It is widely accepted that the muscles of our neck, chin and jaw begin to sag with time, gravity and poor posture. As the muscles sag, so does the surrounding skin because the underlying muscles are connected to this skin by connective tissue called 'fascia'.

Flexing the neck and opening the jaw are essentially passive movements assisted by gravity, so they require very little muscle effort. Unsurprisingly, the neck, chin and jaw muscles are therefore often the first muscles to start sagging over time.

Body Conditioning Guru, Paul Younane, has therefore developed a simple but effective device to combat this problem, called The Neckline Trainer.

The Neckline Trainer is a small exercise unit that applies targeted resistance directly to the muscles that flex the neck and open the jaw. It works in exactly that same way as any targeted training does, by isolating the muscle in question to improve the tone, strength and definition of these weakened muscles.

It takes two simple exercises done for a total of just two minutes a day and you'll start noticing a difference from the very first time you use it. The Neckline Trainer comes with three inter-changeable resistance coils for progressive training with more advanced springs to challenge your muscles even further.

Give it a try today; you'll be delighted with the results.

Included with your purchase:

  • Neckline Trainer Device
  • 3 interchangeable springs: beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • Luxury Carrying Bag
  • Instruction Training DVD